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found more

this gary franchi is a truther and does have some questionable motives or actions,,,may be the guy who ripped people off for the talking action figures

however peggy freeman was in on this,,, i trust her fully,,,,the lady crying over campaign throwing her to curb,kokesh video

and if thery producd these video's they did make awesome promo's

seems the problem was franchi,,, but he's been replaced


Super PAC supporting Ron Paul is operated by a 9/11 'truther'

ads---plastic men--

chinese troops--

The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul ---this was really good

if they made these i give them credit,,, just misplaced leadership

this whole thing should be more about gingrich's lady taking checks ,,$20,000 13 weeks after he stopped,,, not pauls
"One example: Revolution PAC raised $1.2 million by pitching itself as a booster for Texas Representative Ron Paul’s run for president. Under the direction of Gary Franchi, the group spent $1 million, 83 percent of its cash, on administrative expenses, including about $153,000 for himself and his companies. A $1,766 monthly fee for “office rent” went to a Franchi company whose address is a mailbox at a Northbrook, Illinois, UPS Store. Franchi said in an interview there is a physical location for the companies, declining to give its address “for privacy reasons.”