Comment: OOOhhhhh Not good, what was Franchi thinking?

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OOOhhhhh Not good, what was Franchi thinking?

Wow, I know he is a Ron Pauler but I guess greed got the best of him? Hmmm not good. Now he is thrown out of the movement. Too bad, he did have a good operation for freedom going. I was going to give donations there when he made a video about funding for the Paul Campaign. WOW GARY!!! You f'd up!!! The movement needed his skills. This really sucks!!! Super Pacs are good for supporters that have given the limit and can fund the Pac in support of the candidate so we thought. I guess give only to the Campaigns directly from now on. I think he owes the Paul supporters an explantion because we need to hear from his mouth what happened.

He has the website Restore the Republic site: