Comment: i hate the media

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i hate the media

who really likes this rubio,,,,, he's all over the media,, rubio this rubio that,,,,,,,,,,, i see him as just a walking talking lying politician,,, and a neocon at that,,,, who throws bones to conservatives but is just another schill
say this----do that
war is good

i just don't get it

seems rand may follow that mantra to although to a much lesser degree

in 2016,,, people are gonna be fed up,,,,,, and be so angry at lying back stabbing pols that chris christie will walk into the white house in a cakewalk,,with no nonsense straight talk
i'm a nj resident,,,, huge dem majority,,, and the attacks to stop him verse corzine didn't work and were weak,,, he's only gained positive's since then ,,, thru media and his record
he'll be unstoppable

he does do some good,,, but certainly scares me as a bush appointee,andthat he could actually think romney was the answer