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Comment: We may need to watch EACH OTHERS : solidarity (not surveillance)

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We may need to watch EACH OTHERS : solidarity (not surveillance)

Anyone care about investigating if ANY DP regular poster ABRUPTLY STOPS, from one day and on, posting ANYTHING and he/she disappears "in the wild" ?

Refresher - with NDAA, they can :

1. come and get you

2. lock you up

3. terminate you

Without anyone else being given A CLUE about it.

Don't stay alone for too long. Keep yourself closer to your relatives and friends. Share more of your privacy with those you really trust. Prefer direct face-to-face communication. As often as possible.

Don't know about you but... I haven't always written nice compliments about governments. Including this one.

By the way, MORE CURRENT **THAN EVER**, since he mentions the Supreme Court NOT protecting the Constitution :

Federal Courts and the Imaginary Constitution

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