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I think you're wrong about

I think you're wrong about his name recognition. Judge Napolitano probably has more name recognition now than Ron Paul did in early 2008 and surely more than RP had in 2007.

Let's not forget that Judge Andrew Napolitano has been the senior judicial analyst for the #1 most watched cable news channel for the past 14 years.

Quote from

November makes it 131 straight months — since January 2002 — that Fox News Channel has been the most-watched cable news network in total viewers.

The Judge is well liked and well known by the Fox News viewership. Fox News being more of a Republican news channel would benefit him as well since he would likely run as a Republican.

Sure, not everyone knows who Judge Andrew Napolitano is, but I think it's safe to say that he is more well known now than Mitt Romney was back during the '08 election, more well known probably than even Gary Johnson is right now, more well known than Cain, Bachmann and a few of the others before they ran for President.

I think once his hat is in the ring those who don't know about him will learn really quick.