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His constituency can decide for themselves, as can every other constituency in the nation. He can even vote among them. 535 people in Congress do not have the right to deny the nation, half of the nation, or any state or citizen the right to define life for themselves. The Constitution does not give them that right, but does expressly grant all rights not expressly given to the federal government to the states and the people. They are not to be our rulers.

It takes one quick glance at any two people to determine that they are actually not created equal. The DoI was written by well bred, well fed white men, who were quite clear on the fact that some people (actual people, walking around on their own) did not have or deserve the same rights they granted to themselves. It also has no legal relevance to the actual question.

Even if someone managed to twist the law along the way to read into the constitution that Senators have the right to make decisions about what happens between my legs or my wife's, I plainly deny its validity. You can define life for yourself. You may not define it for me. People disagree on this. The belief of the majority must not trample the right of the minority to make decisions about their own lives.

A ban on abortion brings the court in line with religion, not science. Science cannot define when life begins. It can reveal understanding about the process, but it is up to the individual to examine the process and determine their own beliefs. If you don't want an abortion, don't get one, but stay out of my pants. Surely I have some liberty left in there somewhere.

The point of protecting liberty, is not to prohibit the free choices of others just because they believe differently from what you believe, but to protect everyone's right to choose for themselves.