Comment: Bravo, fishyculture!

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Bravo, fishyculture!

Thank you for taking the time and effort to compile and share the highlights of your intriguing, intuitive investigation. I haven't explored the links yet, but I have learned a great deal from your interpretations.

I was flabbergasted by your ending quote. I presume it is also credited as one from Tesla. Bringing the idea of global peace into view as a parting shot was a marvelous surprise for me personally.

A few of my colleagues and I have spent many years researching peace and building/performing models of peace. Finally, we have launched our global model. While there is a great deal more to know than what we have discovered so far, one thing is becoming quite obvious.

Peace must closely follow natural systems if it is ever to become known to humanity and embraced as a cultural reality. The quote at the end of your post rings very true to me based on my experience.

I may launch a new topic here in the DP on this subject. Upon reading the feedback that your post has generated, I am more confident now that there may be enough interest in these matters to make the effort worthwhile.