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In my younger years, I helped

In my younger years, I helped with our church's bus ministry. Doing that I went and visited in a minority neighborhood on Saturday and then showed up on Sunday with the church bus to pick up the kids. Just thinking of that now since I was a female, alone and 16 in one of the rougher towns makes me wonder.

One Sunday the bus ran out of gas. When the driver and the other helper went to get gas they passed a motorcycle gang having a party in a junk yard. I doubt that any of the bikes were foreign back then.. only Harleys...the gang was a rough drug/sex gang called the Jesters, but they very kindly got some gas out of one of the wrecked vehicles and brought it down to the bus and filled that tank so we could get to a gas station. They seemed very kind and almost happy to help us church folk who were helping the kids.