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Did not bother to look at a single video, did you?

If your findings of fault rely on the dismissive attitude of the scientists of Tesla's day, I would say you are being a little antiquated in your thinking. You do not like the way he posed for a picture? Well, he MUST have been stupid, then. If you have found an error in my report - misquote for instance, please be specific. If you have found an error in Tesla's math, please bring it forward. If you can find a quote where Tesla claimed to speak to Martians, I would love to see it. As near as I could tell, Tesla utilized both his conscious and subconscious minds, and tried to communicate what he was learning in a dream state to people who had no frame of reference at all for his concepts, so they came up with the "Martian" stuff.
I am sad for you. When in the presence of genius, you choose to mock the man for his appearance and take the same barbs that people took at him 100 years ago. How very limited your brain must be, held in chains that will not allow you to go beyond your indoctrination.
Emmanuel Swedenborg was also a very serious scientist who was also a mystic. The two actually belong together, for if science cannot explain our mysteries, we are left relying on mumbo jumbo.

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