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A "Come to Jesus" talk...

I wrote off the Bible and everything in it for many, many years, but I am coming to a new understanding.
I think Yeshua bin Yussef existed. I think he was a man of very unusual integrity. I suspect that he was a "lucid dreamer" and able to tap the Source of Knowledge, as Tesla claims he did. I suspect he did "miraculous" healings and such by use of energy fields. Then one day he decided to go after the money changers to truly set the people free, and he was immediately crucified. Now they had a martyr on their hands and had to do SOMETHING to keep more people from doing what he did, so they borrowed some pagan mythology and over-wrote the actual biography of Yeshua with a fanciful mythology making him a biological son of a god. You and I just have mortal fathers, so we can never be like Jesus.... But what if we CAN be like Yeshua, and the Gnostics carried on the tradition, and so the Council of Nicaea was formed and the Bible re-written... Yeshua asked us to "Follow him." That now means drop to your knees and worship a deity, and I think he meant "Hey! I found a REALLY cool place (the dreamtime) - come check it out with me!"
I have deep appreciation for "Zeitgeist." I am not certain they got it all right, though.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.