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The more I leave the Gravity Universe and enter the Electric Universe, the more convinced I become that alkalizing is an essential part of health. We are electrical conductors, having our bodies at the proper pH will have a dramatic effect on the circuit we call "metabolism."
Trucking, your best be may be juicing. If you can afford it, get the kind of juicer used for Gerson therapy, but even just a blender will put you on a path toward MUCH improved nutrition. Look into for a source of organics, you may be able to pick up fresh organics all over the country from them.
There are good and bad carbs, don't lump them all together or you will make yourself crazy - and hungry!
GOOD LUCK! Oh, and for medicine, there are too many herbs and such, need specific ailments to recommend. Common ones: Garlic for high blood pressure, arnica montana for arthritis, raw milk for digestive issues.

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