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Comment: Still waiting for you to make the argument

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Still waiting for you to make the argument

You have not made the case as to why birth control is a good idea. Sex has some cardio benefits and condoms cut down on *some* diseases. Oh great! I can choose to cut down on some diseases but leave myself wide open to HPV that can cause cervical cancer, for some great cardio and stress reduction (except for worrying about the HPV, or broken or leaking condom). And what do people with latex allergies do, which allergy they might have gotten in the first place from using condoms? Yeah, I know, sheepskin, I'm just saying there's one more drawback..

Okay, yes, you're free to make the bad decision to use sex for sport, that just doesn't make the case for why birth control is a *good* idea. I'm still waiting for that argument.

Of course not everyone honors the vocation of marriage the way they should. They have affairs, and those affairs have consequences. The difference is this: even when you use birth control *correctly*, you have the issues of health risk, failure, being used as a sex object, whereas if you approach marriage correctly, those things are not an issue.

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