Comment: Screw the Geneva Conventions, right?

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Screw the Geneva Conventions, right?

Before you accuse me of being in favor of global governance, let me remind you that I am in favor of SELF governance, and I suppose that is "global" but not how the Rothschilds think of "global." I am dealing, best I can, with what IS, not what I wish for. The Geneva Conventions exist, our military is SUPPOSED to be bound by them. The fact that this LEADER of heavily armed men will so publicly flaunt his war crimes shows the rest of the world just how corrupt the US government and military have become. If Americans don't catch on soon, we can expect the rest of the world to declare war on us. Our "big, bad military" is falling further and further behind technologically, but our arrogance and cruelty are second to none.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.