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rand is a tea partier and will be very careful NOT to align himself with the liberal "liberty movement".
The liberty movement is nothing Ron Paul and therefor is nothing rand paul.
The liberty movement is the left wing answer to the tea party movement.
which is good, but rand is not stupid enough to let libs in his campaigns like his father was. we need another side to the tea party. thats great!
but the liberty movement must realize it holds very little of both drs. paul important philosophies of gvt.

intervention sometimes.
no right to life mandate in gvt.
pro fair tax, or another similar taxing structure.
tax medical marijuana..
foreign aid sometimes...
"end the fed" was wiped from the "liberty movement" platform and is no longer/never spoken about

etc etc...

rand paul will not be part of the "liberty movement" you describe.
the word "liberty movement" came about when gjtardfest tried to usurp ron pauls rally a week before the rnc.. it was created as the lefts answer to the tea party movement which no lib could EVER get with and wish it were buried.
If you consider yourself a "liberty movement" person- then you are saying you refuse to get with ron paul republicans/tea partiers and refuse to do what ron himself asked you to do.
the liberty movement has no organization and is a red herring just like gjtardfest was and mindless libs will wander after it proclaiming it a new movement because the tea party was "hi jacked" and the libs will forever parrot msnbc spin and talking points on the tea parties.
the tp is the only thing going and it is getting bigger by the day.
we had 39 join after obamas reelection and 20 of them were/are registered dems.
Now we have 285 in our local tea party, and there are 5 local tea parties in our district all standing for different things. none stand for more spending on needless, endless war/humanitarian spending and none stand for abortion.
there are 239 tea parties in texas alone.. some with as little as 50 members in small towns and some as big as 5k.

this is where the real Liberty Movement is, whether the libs here acknowledge it OR NOT!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016