Comment: oh here we go

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oh here we go

Another "you dislike X, therefore you like Y" thread. Oh joy.

I almost like these as much as I like the "everyone who doesn't share my love of political figure X is a super duper secret operative!" threads...and oh! Looks like you threw that in as a bonus. Because, y'know, it's a perfectly logical explanation that just so happens to carry the benefits of dismissing criticism out of hand while reenforcing one's own paranoia and fear. Gee, wasn't expecting that at all!

Gee I wonder if...oh yes, *there* it is! "X is the only candidate who can win". Welp, I'm convinced!!!!!1

Ever think that some people simply don't care for Rand? It's a false dilemma when one says "if you don't like X, you must hate X" (oh, another one!), and it's getting very, VERY old.

This is almost as stupid as the "anyone who doesn't like Rand Paul hates Carol" garbage. What sort of mental gymnastics do you people perform to come to such asinine conclusions?

Obviously, since I disagree, I'm a Rubio supporting operative who probably has ties to the CFR and Rothschilds. I also killed the dinosaurs. On purpose.

On a serious note: I don't give two tugs of a rat's d--- what he does. He has his role to play, I have mine. You have yours.

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