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Comment: Please stick to the science

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Please stick to the science

Please stick to the science when discussing Tesla, the mystical mumbo jumbo and acting as if he couldnt be wrong from time to time just advances the cause of those trying to deify him. He was an absolutely brilliant scientist who had the ability to make practical use of his discoveries. One of the most interesting quotes of his I have read is where he disagrees with einstein on the theory of relativity in regards to the bending of space by gravity. He mentions quite logically that its impossible for space(aka the void) to be bent because to do so would give space(the lack of matter or energy) properties upon which gravity could act. By its very definition space is a lack of....a lack of energy, a lack of matter, therefore it cannot have any properties. I dont think he disagreed with the whole theory...just that particular(which may or may not invalidate the whole thing mathematically)