Comment: Want an example of the fog?

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Want an example of the fog?

nobody even saw how Jesse Benton was undermining Ron Paul at just about every step along the way. How's that for fog? Right there in the leadership of the campaign. Not that there were not significant forces already lined up against Paul, but his own team was pulling him down, not up. Political integrity is over, it's a pipe dream. They've completely usurped the Constitution, and they'll do whatever they need to keep their game going. You and I are an afterthought in the world of governance. Not just Federal, but States and local too. The old adage comes true, "It's all about the Money". Why would such overwhelming forces line up to discredit Ron Paul? Why is supporting an honest guy taboo? Why does the audience laugh when someone puts down Ron Paul? Who came to his aid? Nobody. There are 535 elected representatives in Washington, and 534 joke about Ron Paul either in public or behind his back, including Rand. (I'd say one must admit that to endorse Romney for President while his dad is in the race, is quite the ultimate joke) Yeah, Ron Paul was, and is, a torch of hope, but that torch will not be allowed to burn. The ultimate optimist I'm probably not, but when one realizes that we are now being governed by the prince of darkness, it kind of makes sense. You just have to be aware of what's going on, that's all. Love your site. I find it the most interesting one the web. You're probably right, I can't go back to sleep....

alan laney