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Again, you are making

Again, you are making assumptions that run contrary to the evidence. Review my posting history and you will see that while I've been mostly critical of Rand I've also vigorously defended him many times here on genetically modified foods, corporations, and some of his foreign policy/civil liberty stands. I've also said that he is the best senator.

If you've been similarly critical of Rand, when he deserves criticism, we can have an intelligent discussion. If you're ALWAYS defending him in a "true believing" manner, there is not point in such a discussion.

p.s. Betrayal of a wonderful father like Ron Paul by giving an exclusive to Sean "Ron Paul is a racist" Hannity and being MIA at the crucial state conventions, even while campaigning vigorously for Mitt, is not "nitpicking" IMHO. I also beg to differ that serious character issues of this type have no bearing on his "record."