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This reply alone shows me you know nothing of currency

1.Currency can be anything. Cigarettes can be currency. Anything someone will take in exchange for something, with the hope of buying something else they do need later, is currency.

2.Your basing it on a system that could easily be changed. There is no such thing as hack-proof. If you took even a basic computer class, you would know that. If you know enough about how they work, anything can be hacked into.

3.It IS centrally controlled. There is no way it accidentally came together all by itself on its own. I'm sorry Big Bang theologists. Those things simply do not happen in real science. There was a creator of bitcoin at some point. Someone has access to it, and when that person dies, someone else will have access to it.

4.Liberty does not mean 'without rules and regulations'. Liberty means justice only where justice is due and nowhere else, that you are free to do anything you want, unless you violate another persons rights.

You really need to go back and study more. On everything. Bitcoin is the exact same problem we are facing with the paper dollars. It's a "medium of exchange" that was created to fill a gap between transactions, and where does bitcoin get its amounts from? Do I buy bitcoin with Gold? US Dollars? Did you know there's 4x the amount of US dollars flowing in the world than the entire earths "goods network" is worth? Would bitcoin accept all of these dollars? Lets assume bitcoin DID replace US dollars, bitcoin would still have to adjust to the inflation from too many US dollars. Nothing would be solved.

Please educate yourself before you reply, i don't want to hear another "I'm just a messenger" or "I'm promoting Liberty" without the knowledge to back it up.