Comment: Buddy, you need to just hold

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Buddy, you need to just hold

Buddy, you need to just hold up and breathe a second. All I asked for was your thoughts on how RevPAC spent their donations. I don't presume to know what you're thinking - ergo - I asked for your thoughts.

I did not know that RevPAC wanted to draft the good Judge until right now. While I'm happy about this, I vaguely remember the Judge saying that running for president wasn't for him on the Daily Show.

Regardless of this Judge Nap information, what do you think about the actions of RevPAC? I initially find their actions to be bad stewardship and it seems to reflect poorly on them, the revolution and sadly Ron Paul. Then again, I don't know everything about this, so I can't make a final judgment - again - why I asked for people's input.

Not everything* said is a giant connected move against the liberty movement; I'm sorry you feel so on edge that you jumped to reading the worst intentions into people. If this is going to be how we react to people simply asking questions, I fear the Revolution will become a lonely, dogmatic place.

*Just so you don't jump to conclusions again, I fully admit that there have been false flags used against us - but we mustn't let our skepticism harden us to new information.