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Comment: I don't hate Rand. I just won't support him

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I don't hate Rand. I just won't support him

I won't turn my back on Ron for that.

But I would turn my back on Ron if he would have supported Romney or McCain.

If you support Romney, here are just a few things that you endorse:

Complete noncompliance to The Constitution of The United States
The Patriot Act
The authority to execute US Citizens
The runaway Federal Reserve
The continuation of our illegal undeclared wars
More illegal undeclared wars
Obamney Care
Nation Building
Our policing the world
The New World Order
Our involvement in The United Nations
Big Government
The continuation of us becoming a Police State
Complete support of The Military Industrial Complex
and so on........

As far as I know Rand did not have to support all of this. It appeared that he VOLUNTARILY did this. The only way I could forgive him for this is if I find out that his life or a family members life was threatened to do so. The ONLY way!

Please explain to me just what he could have accomplished for the cause of Liberty by supporting Romney ?????