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Money Competition

Perhaps there are a few cases of competitors in the Fraud Money competition, so the fight between the Euro or the Federal Reserve Note for Market Dominance is not what Liberty looks like.

But the welcome list of things IN Liberty, where people can see, precisely, that which Liberty looks like, appears to be incomplete without the significant fights where Liberty is gaining currency against the opposition.

Examples like Utah and many other State governments exerting State Sovereignty, in the effort to fight National Sovereignty, fighting the battle between Liberty and the opposition, by producing a competitive money, Gold backed money in Utah for example, perhaps Gold and Silver backed money too, perhaps in States were Silver is more abundant, and perhaps, eventually, Oil backed money from Alaska, and who knows what else, down this road IN Liberty, aught to be on the list.

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Liberty occurs as choices expand from ONE to many. One choice is taken IN Liberty, eventually: one path traveled. The opposition to Liberty is Monopoly, and the method of financing Monopoly, or NO CHOICE other than blind obedience, is the tried and true Legal Fraud Money Monopoly.

So, if the idea is to see how Liberty works, then higher quality and lower cost money choices, to each their own measure of quality and cost, so long as the quality being measured isn't how well the victims are made into fools, and the cost isn't measured in how well costs are passed on, and therefore "providing the means by which they suffer", aught to be on the list - it seems to me.

Note the denomination is Federal Reserve Notes - stop using them, start using something better, something not fraudulent, and what happens?

Section 4.
The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.

Blind obedience to falsehood is not competitive, it is not IN Liberty, so why stay any longer on this path?

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."
Henry Ford