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Comment: the answer is no

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the answer is no

ron paul is bigger than libertarianism. when you are in a leader position like that so far ahead of anyone else, you don't really need a label. he uses that word to let political junkies make correlation more easily sometimes. he doesn't even use that word for laymen who aren't engaged in politics, because that's how irrelevant that term is. perhaps you really meant to ask: 'i was here first, ron paul should pay some respect to seniority', and to that, i would just say that attitude exists predominantly among boomers, and that bully world view is why many are so backward.

second point i would like to make, is that libertarianism also evolves. ron paul clearly inserts some of his own world view while he spreads the message, and he has clarified some of the libertarian positions that way. just take for instance libertarian party's stance on monetary issue was clouded at best, having endorsed milton friedman's economic views a few times too often, who was pro central banking, pro federal reserve. i am sure libertarians had a different view too before milton friedman came along. you are witnessing the evolution of something new that once shared limited roots with what you used to call libertarianism, but it can really stand on its own. clearly the majority of the populace has preferred ron paul's version as well.