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Your right that’s what RSA is

Your right that’s what RSA is but their SecureID token devices have already been compromised once. Nothing is quote "secure" online. Just like no one is safe in real life. Yes you can pay for security guards, hire police, install a security system but all that is is a deterrent. The same thing applys online the more deterrents you can place in some ones way it more likely that they wont even try but if they actually take the time and have the resources they can still get access. Like I said about phones every month cell phone providers provide an update that comes with new features but the update also comes with more security to prevent people hacking or rooting the phone to gain access to features on the phone that you would have to pay for like turning you mobile phone into a wifi device for FREE so you can save money instead of having web-service at your place of residence, motor vehicle, laptop, and mobile phone. So every month they add more security and some one cracks it and post it online so other can easily gain access to these features on their phone. The next update they patch that vulnerability and a few hours or maybe a week later someone cracks it again and publishes it online so others can do the same thing. This is done with computer software, video games, GPS services, TV, operating systems, etc.

You have to understand programing languages are public and any little kid if he has the interest and curiosity can go online and become a self taught programmer. You don’t have to go through traditional schooling and be indoctrinated once you acquire the skills you can build, disassemble or do anything because everything is CODE. That why the web is constantly evolving because there is no thought police you have creative control. This is why people online are so up an arms about the government and corporations trying to quote “take over the internet” because they will lose that freedom and liberty. People find freedom online because in the real world there are regulations, trade associations, unions, government certifications, bosses but online your FREE. Learn a language on your own time (24hrs to a week tops to get the basics) there aren’t any requirements, age restrictions, no money or inside connections are needed, no one person or group having the power to keep you out because of your sex, race or personal life style or appearance and this is the problem for the powers. You as an individual can now usurp the powers and you as an individual can now evade the powers. This is why brick and mortar retail outlets are now petitioning the government to put taxes on the internet because they can not compete. They have to follow all of these man made regulations, laws and have to take on the cost of complying while some underage 13yr old kid who learned a programming language in his moms basement can sell the same sneakers and apparel at half the price and doesn’t have to abide by the same man made laws and regulations. That’s why it is so important to protect the internet because it is the definition of individual FREEDOM and it allows freedom loving people from all across the globe to communicate with each other regardless of man made borders regardless of race, sex, your socioeconomic background or personal lifestyle choses.