Comment: It Became Typical

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It Became Typical

for DP to be more and more a collectivist movement, seeing people in groups and defending groups demands.

Chomsky is anarcho-socialist who instigated Pentagon and UN to fight for East Timor. He will be fighting UN globalist wars permanently as long as HE sees it is the right thing to do. But his vision (like that of most socialists) is selective. Besides posturing, his energy does not go to defend Chechens in Russia, Kurds in Turkey, Basques in Spain, Tibetans in China, etc, etc.

The media is actually biased against Israel. And USA plays both sides. If USA and UN had stopped putting pressure on Israel, Arabs would had settled for peace long ago. Arabs cannot fight as a MAN, they only shoot from behind women and children and rely on the New World Order for help.

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