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Comment: Verizon is owned by the Carlyle Group (pure evil) here is how to

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Verizon is owned by the Carlyle Group (pure evil) here is how to

Undermine their agenda and hold on to your money and data.Buy a used Verizon iPhone 4 for 150$ from Craigslist .Don't worry if it has "bad esn". We won't be using this.Find iPhone flashing on Craigslist .Look for a metro pcs flasher.Current price here in Southern California is 90$ to put your "flashed phone"'s Meid into metro's data base and program it to new acct. metro is currently offering new customers unlimited talk,text and web for 30$ per mo w/ no contract!!! If metro is not in your area cricket is also good @55$ or boost can be as low as 40$. My point here is by not subsidizing a new smart phone every six months through needlessly rapey 24 mo contracts to can save a lot of money while denying entities that are bad.Even if you take say a referbed iPhone from a major carrier for 99$ your bill will be 250(mine was) x 24 mo.s= 6,000$ + 99$=6100$. Lay out 250$ upfront for used phone + flash then 30$ x 24 mo.s=970$ savings over 24 mos =5,130$ undermining a monopolistic cartel =PRICELESS. Control your privacy by utilizing the TOR network and or duckduckgo. I am not in anyway a salesman of these co.s just a client and fan.

Aaron Russo, Nikola Tesla, Ron Paul, I'm jus' sayin'