Comment: Oh, for Pete's sake!

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Oh, for Pete's sake!

- a hazmat crew to protect students from the kind of thermometer millions used for decades. I googled into the universe "how many deaths were caused by the mercury in thermometers?" What came up first was this, "The Sort of Sad Death of the Mercury Thermometer - Slate Magazine." It's an interesting article, actually. Yeah, I could relate to playing with those beautiful silver balls on the floor when a thermometer would occasionally drop, fascinated by how they looked so solid in one way (like a metal) and yet acted like a liquid, also finding it amazing how they could be cajoled back together into one larger ball, broken up again, rolled back into one again. It was fun to get them scooped into a jar, shake it, and just watch what happened. Pretty soon we'll all be required to wear astronaut suits, just in case. By the way, I didn't see anything beyond articles on mercury poisoning that said it "could" cause death.

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