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Game on, fishyculture!

Per your suggestion, I have taken a brief review and refreshed my limited knowledge of Vortex Math and toroidal shaping.

Your insight is very impressive. I have found that the understanding of dualities such as matter/energy, real/imaginative, thought/action, harmony/disharmony, sufficiency/deficiency, etc. are at the roots of a working model of world peace. It may be, as well, the key to building our first working model of reality.

Our first large breakthrough during our research regarding peace was the discovery that peace is not the opposite of war. War/anti-war is a more tangible dichotomy. But it seems that peace is not actually tethered to war in any significant way other then by mental laziness.

Walk with me this way. Look at the Wikipedia page "peace". It is a mish-mash of obfuscation only a few short paragraphs long. In fact, it begins with this disclaimer "This article may need to be rewritten entirely to comply with Wikipedia's quality standards."

Much more is known and understood about Vortex Math and tori than is known and understood about peace.

It is likely that there is no peace machine, yet. Perhaps we can build one before this civilization falls.