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I don't think you understand

I don't think you understand the world of executive compensation. The executives are going to be out of a job once Hostess shuts the doors. Why can't they leave now and move on to better pursuits? A person who has the knowledge and experience to run a company is worth quite a bit to most of the companies out there. If you were an executive at Hostess and another company wanted you to start right away, would you stick around at Hostess to see the company through to its bankruptcy or would you jump on the other company's offer? For most, it comes down to compensation. If Hostess didn't pay anything to keep the execs around during bankruptcy, they would leave at the first offer presented to them. Hostess had to make a decision once the workers went on strike to decide how best to keep upper management in place throughout the entire bankruptcy.

This issue is simply one of perceived value. People say that corporations don't value workers because they don't pay them enough. I say that workers don't appreciate executives enough. They think they are overpaid but that is just the cost of keeping the right talent within your company. If you want the executive pay, I suggest going back to school and pursuing a Masters instead of going back to the union hall to learn how to press the on/off button on the Twinkie stuffer.