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Any new private business that becomes a top player in his market section does it by virtue of its own strength. Once on top, however, it would rather seek government help (regulations and tariffs) to keep competitors out IF IT CAN. Under free-market capitalism, he would not be able to secure government help. It does not mean such a top player will disappear. It has potential to compete, solicit competitors' employees, buy shares of competitors, etc.

What I am saying, people who are on top are not dumb, on average. They will do well under any system and very well under free society. The 99% poor is not because bankers steal the wealth (paper money is nothing), it is because government corporatism kills profits, jobs and productivity. 99% simply either do not work, work part time or work in not very productive ways. Always keep in mind that real wealth in macro terms is products and services produced, not paper money.