Comment: Rev Pac Spent Just $172,000 To Help Ron Paul

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Rev Pac Spent Just $172,000 To Help Ron Paul

The Rev Pac that just had this article about them:
"Gary Franchi’s Revolution PAC Raised More Than $1.2 Million And Spent Just $172,000 To Help Ron Paul"

I like the Judge. But don't let Rev Pac use him to be their piggy bank.

I experienced this firsthand. Rev Pac raised over $110,000 dollars using the image of the Super Brochure to mail Iowa and New Hampshire. They were only supposed to mail New Hampshire to not create confusion and give them more time to get the multiple items (brochure, DVD, letter) put together. I did not protest when they added Iowa to their web site. But when I called to verify the production schedule of the DVD's the day before Thanksgiving, I found out that they weren't even produced. Erik and I quickly talked to Rev Pac and Gary. It was quite clear that they had no intention of purchasing brochures. And they never did produce a DVD.

THIS IS THE REASON NEW HAMPSHIRE WAS NOT MAILED. New Hampshire was the State that would have had the largest positive effect from the mailing of the Super Brochures. Erik and I had to work double time to just get Iowa mailed. Iowa results are obvious to anyone who goes and looks at under Iowa poll numbers. There are two very large stair steps and are the exact time frame when the brochures arrived first to Republicans and then to Independents.

Had I not found out about Rev Pac and them not wanting to do the actual mailings, the blame would have been put on the Super Brochure. We would have been discredited. Instead, Rev Pac was put under pressure. What is amazing is their response. They spent the next months trying to do everything they could against the Super Brochure from enormous posts on web sites to making a video to not use it. Actions tell ones motive.

Because of all this I have found out a lot about Gary. How he got the email list from the late Aaron Russo. How he was able to give the impression he was the "successor" to him. How every project Gary touches ends up either disappearing (have you heard much about Freedom to Fascism lately???) or becomes an embarrassment to the Liberty movement.

This is why I will never work with Gary Franchi or any of his projects. If a project has him on it, I will not be involved. Period. I hope others learn from my mistake.

In Liberty,

Curt Schultz
Owner of and the Super Brochure

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