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I appreciate the thought out reply

Yet you throw out the math because they see other connections that make you uncomfortable, you stop listening? Not once have I said "free energy." I mentioned a lifelong fascination with magnets, perceiving that energy as "free enough" - a play on words. "Free energy" means one thing in economics, another thing entirely in physics. In physics, I absolutely agree that no source of free energy is known to exist. But that is a very different statement from "there is no such thing as free energy" which I hear experts say over, and over, and over... It is close minded - never say "never" and all that. And I have yet to see where Tesla claimed "free energy" in the physics sense, but he certainly DID have a plan to offer free energy to the people in the economic sense.
I also share your frustration with the lack of "action plans" out of these groups, I quit listening to AJ because he ONLY gives the bad news, he flatly refuses to tell tales of people doing the RIGHT thing, or to organize any meaningful protest. I have come to suspect that the only action plan that CAN work is the one that is modeled on self reliance. If Mark and I pull off our biodome / food forest, then perhaps our neighbors will hear what we say. Currently, we are written off - compared to the established farms around here we are laughable, pathetic little patch of weeds with a couple cows and chickens running around. Yet we know what we know, whether we ever get the time and money to bring it to manifestation remains to be seen, but it is a real solution. So, I suggest you "be the change you want to see" and lets just get things done as individuals, and see if we make a movement of solutions that way.
Oh, and there are a few videos of these coils in action. That is what Rodin did with this, made a new kind of coil that has some clear advantages, it lacks practical application at this point. But there are a whole bunch of young men playing with these, they will come up with something is my bet.

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