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Bigger Picture

Ron was slightly successful because thirty years of closet freedom fighters took the task to vote for once.

If you notice how the tea party and occupy protests work towards goals, you have to assume the youth has little to no respect for voting or the authority of the laws currently in place.

Rands endorsement of Romney unfortunately was his way of throwing in the towel. You wont see the Revolution back until he goes after vote fraud as his main campaign issue. Why run against fox paid candidates

The youth is ready to revolt until we are allowed to develop our own social contract.

The constitution has either allowed the government that we have or it has been too weak to defend against it.

We will not pay this debt nor fight the wars.

Id like to develop a new form of native living. The republic of Lakota should remind each of you that if you were born to this land you have a natural right and duty to rebel against this government.

We should be discussing how to save this country before the next election. I hope we do not have a 2016 election, because the current government will have no standing with the people and will be completely irrelevant.

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