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I already said....

If you don't want to get pregnant then birth control is a good idea. Nothing really difficult to understand there. One type of birth control is to not have sex. That is apparently what you are trying to push. There are other options...many. As per condoms, they are not all made of latex (or sheepskin). Go do a little research! So I choose condoms. Other people choose to control their hormones with pills.

People are used as sex objects and viewed as sex objects regardless of if they have sex or not.

Maybe you don't find sex enjoyable...but I do!!! :-)
and as long as the person I am doing it with also finds it enjoyable then its all good.

You can get disease from being in a room with other people, so do you avoid being in a room (enclosed space) with other people? It could kill you! Yet, you can gain things by being in a room with other people too. Everybody should get to assess the risks and the benefits and do what is best for them. It isn't for you to decide for them.

Heck I don't even think we should force people to wear seat belts. I choose to but that me. I choose to wear a helmet and gear when I ride a motorcycle too but I don't think we need laws to force other people to.