Comment: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

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Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

These guys took the time to make videos fully explaining how they MADE A NEW TYPE OF ELECTRICAL COIL. It exists, people all over are making them. They display unusual characteristics. These guys are willing to show how and why it is different, but it takes a couple hours. People want answers, but they want them in 10 minutes or less. I would even understand if someone was just not good at all at math, maybe this is smokescreen for that. And if you are too busy and important to find any of this worth your time, OK. Your life.
They are trying to offer knowledge they believe was a gift, that it was intended for all of humanity. I wonder how they feel when they are greeted by people who demand to know how it works, then refuse to listen to the explanation.
FREE. Did I mention they just put it on youtube for free? FREE energy device. Not "free energy" - free instructions on a new energy device.

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