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Again I ask

What am I trying to debunk? That this mysterious coil can provide free energy? I can't disprove that because such a statement is non-falsifiable.

It is up to the coil-makers to prove that this coil can provide free energy, contrary to the current laws of physics. The laws of physics are not set in stone, they are just observations of our universe which have so far never been violated by experiment.

I never called you stupid, or bad at math. But I must ask you to stop falling back to the fallacious argument that because I disagree with you I have "tuned out" or am just not "curious" or think the Vortex math people are "kooks". Once again, you are implying that if I just opened my mind enough I would see the truth of these claims, or admit their possibility.

I consider reality objectively, and with an open mind. And after examining these videos, I have dismissed them as hooey. They contradict everything I have learned about physics, number theory, and spiritualism, therefore I have reasoned against it. If you can't accept the fact that people may have different opinions than yourself, then it is you who has the closed mind.