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My facts are

- Who knows the name of God? Is the name of God as determined by this system the correct name? Who can verify?

- The claim is made that this system provides the basis for the existence of tachyons. Who has observed a tachyon?

- Claims are also made that this number system describes the motive power of the universe, the spin continuum, and oscillating duality. What do any of these things mean?

- This coil has "unusual properties" and may provide free energy. Why don't those who have built them subject them to scientific analysis? Let me guess, the government wishes to suppress this technology?

The trouble with the kinds of claims you are talking about is that they are non-falsifiable. Therefore there are no "facts" I can give which can disprove them.

Stating that somewhere on earth a Tyrannosaurus Rex still exists is an example of a non-falsfiable statement. No matter how long we search and never find a T-Rex, the possibility exists that one is still out there. I can say: "We have never seen one in recorded human history", but anyone can respond "Well, you just need to have an open mind and consider that one might exist, as yet undiscovered. You're just being closed-minded and aren't presenting any facts."