Comment: It didn't seem to bother most

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It didn't seem to bother most

It didn't seem to bother most Americans when the US killed 500,000 Iraqi children by starvation and diseases due to US sanctions nor didn't seem like a big deal when the US military through the use of depleted uranium in their munitions,bombs and missiles brought about 500,000 Iraqi babies being born deformed and most have died.Unfortunately for the rest of these third world countries the majority of Americans see you as less than human." The US has anew credibility. What we say goes." George Bush,NBC Nightly News,Feb.02, 1191.We are a nation that has also sit back and allowed the abortion of 57,000,000 million babies since the Roe vs. Wade decision.Once Hitler came to power, abortions was quickly legalized but even then,500,000 abortions were performed each year.

Bob Marshall