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I appreciate the links and

I appreciate the links and will look into them. We have wide spread cancer in our family. My grandfather, his brother, and both died from prostate cancer and then they each had 2 daughters that died with breast cancer. My mom had breast cancer as well as her other 2 sisters. I always knew to watch for breast cancer. However after being sick for a year with no one able to diagnose, I finally felt a mass in my abdomen...turns out I have the Braca 2 gene mutation which they think causes a deficiency in actually fighting certain cancers. My mom and one sister have the mutation as well. We have all had prophylactic surgeries...I was 45 when I had ovarian cancer and am 49 now. Almost at the 5 year mark. I will definitely look into iodine.

On abortion and euthanasia, I see them hand in hand and with socialized medicine which it looks like we will have. I see a dim future with government involvement and “free” money…our money by which we will pay for our own demise. I think that is why life legislation is very important. If you read the legislation, it also precludes euthanasia because homo sapiens life is declared life regardless of age or stage for each and every member: : “(1) HUMAN PERSON; HUMAN BEING- The terms ‘human person’ and ‘human being’ include each and every member of the species homo sapiens at all stages of life…”

IMO the American culture has suffered a coarsening of affection towards human life with abortion on demand which can easily lead to euthanasia for those who are sick or who are mentally or physically challenged when there is not enough money to go around.