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I tried to overlook this post

but it was too much.

I can respect your attitude that the current situation is crappy, but I cant say that I would support your method of repairing it.

Poor leadership isn't fixed with chaos.
Its fixed with good leadership.

What benefit is there to not having a committee to put together things before they are presented to the body at large for review? If the entire body of congress was involved in the early discussions on every bill, they'd never get anything done (maybe that's a benefit all by itself).

What benefit is there to blocking all amendments to a bill once it reaches the floor for general discussion? Amendments are one of the tools for adding liberty provisions to bills in order to dampen the effects. Not all amendments are good, but they aren't all bad either. And, amending things before the vote is an important part of getting it right.

I've got nothing against adopting some rules allowing a minority movement force a bill onto the floor, but that sort of rule change can be accomplished without scrapping the system as we know it. Its not the rules of order that need to be dumped, its the egos.

Robert's Rules of order exist to let the majority rule, while making sure the minority have a chance to speak their part. They can be used to railroad the unsuspecting and naive, but they exist to protect the vigilant underdog.

Order is a good thing.