Comment: Veterans for JAN!

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Veterans for JAN!

Not Michael's boss, Jan, from The Office, you silly's! Judge Andrew Napolitano for POTUS!

What do you guys think of this line up:
-Rand Paul for POTUS (we can debate on Rand later)
-Judge Napa for AG
-Ron Paul for Sec. of Treasury
-General Wesly Clark for Joint Chief of Staff
-Bradley Manning for Director of CIA
-Julian Assange for Sec. of State (Hey, everyone wants transparency)

Is that like a pipe dream mixed with a wet dream or can the 2 mix?

Alright, I tried to make you chuckle with the last 2, but I think Manning could be someone of significance if given the opportunity. After all, he's US ARMY and he shows LDRSHIP.

Lima-1, out.

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