Comment: Here Seems to be the "Rand Paul" style....

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Here Seems to be the "Rand Paul" style....

After having seen his dad stand on principle, vote that way and become an unrecognized statesman, Rand Paul seems to have tweeked the formula a bit.

Fight the good fight, make the case, then once its clear you lost it, vote with the pack.

And why vote with the pack? Cause the pack will have his back come election time. Then go back to fighting the good fight.

We have seen this play out in several cases. Fighting the good fight to the end for his dad, then his endorsement of Romney and then going back to the fight against Romney on foreign policy.

Its a strategy that says, come election time, opponents from any side can't say "You Voted ...". He will be able to say come election time, "Yes I voted for it, but I still think we should have all went the other way..." -- those are not direct quotes btw.

Its unsettling, but it just might work for him. Let Rand court the Christian Right in Iowa and South Carolina.

In the meantime... I am really loving Judge Andrew Napolitano 2016...

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