Comment: gee, LOTS of questions to be asked here:

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gee, LOTS of questions to be asked here:

Could the wars oversees be categorized/deemed as "promoting fundamentalist Christianity"?, or "'criminal' behavior of officers,"?

What about this story?: this not a "secular enough" event for West Point, irrespecive of the fact it violates DOMA on Federal Property....

On the one hand, it's atheists offended a government school is shoving religion down their throat - but - what about state funded schools shoving social justice down their student's throats and demanding that values derived from one's gender, ethnicity, sexual preferences etc. are UNACCEPTABLE?

Honestly gang - this country is LOST spiritually ... and now ... in the name of "liberty", how in the HELL are we supposed to "fight" for what is right, just, moral, good, beneficial, amd fiscally responsible when we have NO moral compass whatsoever; in that, the IDEA that a Creator(so named in our very own Declaration of Independence) must be not only kept OUT of the conversation about "liberty", but rather, we celebrate those who OPPOSE a demostration of behaviors and reverential attitudes associated with a belief in a Supreme Being who would be a just author of something known to our founders as "Nature's Laws" for our BENEFIT!

Majority opinion is now a "crimnal act"; separation of church and state means Ron Paul's values derived from his faith in Christ must NEVER impact/persuade/shape his policy position on domestic or foreign affairs, or he is unfit for office?

All this "freedom from religion" crap is NOT something to be celebrated as a victory FOR the Liberty our founders separated from the mother country for...our founders supported a PURE faith, one grateful to an Almighty God for liberty - not a HATEFUL one(faith that NOTHING exists out there)...

Close your ears to the prayers of others; as I do when K-Street, pro-family, apostate, compromised, money-serving, lying, unregenerated, unrepentant professing Christians EMBARRASS the rest of us truly born again believers - but don't go on the war path that this government ought not give ANY recognition to the most likely Judeo-Christian God of the Bible as Creator higher than Caesar - because that's just a stupid and insane position to say there should be NO public mention of God on any "public grounds" at anytime, nor with in ear shot of a handful of atheists ...

Good for him if he will go elsewhere to complete his education, where the proud and Godless can be encouraged amongst themselves ... but seriously; is the Liberty movement going to CELEBRATE this as a victory, and join him in falsifying Thomas Jefferson's "separation of church and state" sentiment in his letter to the Danbury Baptists?

Yeah, I'm all over the map on this one; but between Jesse Ventura's sentiments about religion beign a crutch for the ignorant masses(yet he is scared of the mayan calendar prophecy), and this kid's crusade against the willing subscribers to a belief in God at West Point(even though Patraeus didn't take the movie Fatal Attraction to heart); I think we're steering what Ron Paul started in the WRONG direction if we are FOR statesmanship, but against a biblically-based Creator or morality.