Comment: Science itself is wonderful

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Science itself is wonderful

Science and math are wonderful. There is profound order in the universe, and our scientists and theorists have made astounding discoveries in the macrocosm and microcosm.

I watched the original video posted from this thread, the whole thing. The lack of credibility is astounding. The guy plays a simple numbers trick on a circle and shows a repeating pattern - and concludes that it is the answer to "invisible energy, tacheons, monopoles, gravitons, radiant energy, chi, karma, or E (as in E=MC^2), and the driving force behind reality & creation. "

Perhaps to someone who is completely untrained in any math or science whatsoever, they can be impressed by this guy's affirmations.

Ron Paul gave Rudy Giulani a reading list because of his breathtakingly uneducated statements on consequences of bad foreign policy. Similarly, I would give the guy in this video a reading list to educate him about what makes our universe truly astounding and wonderous. And it's not about a circle with digits 1 through 9.

I'd recommend he start with Carl Sagan and the Cosmos series for a primer. Then go on to Brian Greene and the Elegant Universe for a deep but beautiful explanation of general relativity, quantum mechanics, the standard model of particles, and how string theory and multiple dimensions comes into play and may explain it. Then finish it off with QED from Richard Feynman, if you want to be exposed to some of the most truly mind bending (but proven) explanations of particle interactions.

Actual science and math are wonderous indeed. And it's not what you see in the video from this guy. That's my point.

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