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Do you think Ron was ever LIKELY to win? if not were there other

things he was running for? Higher profile? Springboard to post House days at the head of C4L as NOrquist is for his group? THe thousands and thousands starting then to come see him speak? All of which cratered at the endorsement?

What of the leverage Ron was gaining for his OWN speech at the RNC with no censorship? Romney was going to have to do something - and this way the 'something' went to Rand, not Ron. After 30 years, and in HIS campaign, wasn't that for RON to do? Rand wasn't asked because he was Rand but because he was Ron Paul's son imho. All media coverage called it something being done as a hat tip to RON's supporters.

Putting his own career ahead of his own father's last campaign, when his father and his father's supporters were a big part of getting him into office is a character issue to me, and that is a fact.

ANY Congressman showing they value advancement over doing what is right is a red flag, and in this case I was one of those people fighting for Ron to get every last accolade in his last campaign that he could get, thinking no one could speak to the general election audience as he could. So it is personal, in my case.

I see it as Rand taking Ron's speech, and I don't see why that desire should be a positive to me.

I will likely vote for Rand if he runs in 2016 simply because he will likely be the best running from those I know of now who might run. but I'm not focusing on 2016, and when Rand gave that endorsement, one huge reason it was such a blow to the gut is that the natural progression to a Rand Paul leadership to me was blown. And I liked the idea of this transition, when I thought Rand could never act as he did.

I donated thousands to Rand in his election, and phone banked for him. Because he was Ron Paul's son, and I HOPED....

He is still one of the best Senators we have, maybe THE best. But it is a straw man to say whether or not Ron was going to WIN the GOP nomination determines whether Ron's supporters should care about Ron's campaign being blown out of the water with momentum growing every day.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul