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Comment: Tesla Autobiography "Dispel Rumors of Wardenclyffe Destruction"

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Tesla Autobiography "Dispel Rumors of Wardenclyffe Destruction"

Tesla said "I wanted to dispel rumors about my Wireless Tower, Wardenclyffe and its destruction, noted in the Papers. I wanted to assure you that there are already 2 (Two) other Towers being built."

Tesla never gives a place of the other 2 Towers.

The World Trade Centers?
The Seattle Space Needle?

Almost all of the tallest buildings in the world look like Tesla Towers, reaching up into the Ionosphere, solidly Grounded into Granite, with Lighting Rods/Capture on Top.

Nikola Tesla's Autobiography "Tesla's New World System":

"My Wireless Power System is the most important invention in the History of the World"

"The corporations who stopped my Wireless Power System were worse than having a bad case of a virus" (Every time Tesla came into the presence of JP Morgan, it made Tesla profusely throw-up, much like in the Exorcist)