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Comment: i posted it because we should

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i posted it because we should

i posted it because we should e aware of it,,, what others,,the other side is saying and what they may percieve.

i love liberal sites to see the hatred they spew and how they think and the hypocrisy they post.

also---- there were some stats and that pac did spend a lot more than others
i pointed out peggy freeman is awesome and always in good faith
i also said the video's were great if that's them that produced them

however we can certainly ask if we should support these,,,, are they worth it??? are they trust worthy???? could we do better??? etc

no reason the pac can't reply with what they accomplished and where money went ,,,problems they encountered and what worked and didn't

also---an article mentioned a new treasurer saying something to the effect that finances were screwed up but on the turnaround

i will agree more outrageous than the paul pac was the gingrich's lady angle,,, but alas it seems ron paul headlines bring more web hits and traffic

i feel if we keep everything open, honest and question it all,,, we all learn and progress instead of making mistakes over again,,,,, if only more questioned the benton thing earlier who knows if that may have brought change and more success

remember everyone talked of waiting till after the election to go over mistakes, regressions and bad actors, quips, gripes, shenanigans and traitors
well that time is here

and as a result of that post i have a new outlook on pacts, how they work,,, which were better run, more successful etc

we're,(I), am better for it,,, info is good and thought provoking