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"Brilliant! best way to fight Romney on foreign policy is to keep the revenue flowing in favor of the current foreign policy for now, after all, you got to go along to get along if you want to get on."

Rand's Aye or Nay vote neither "keep(s) the revenue flowing" nor stops revenue from flowing. To imply that it does, is disingenuous. There are 535 on the Hill.

I still like Rand, feel that he would never betray his father and mother, and feel like there is clearly a divide and conquer campaign waged against the Liberty Movement right now.

I do agree many in the movement have legitimate concerns about Rand, and I don't doubt those concerns and critiques are sincere by many.

I agree with what Treg said above and I've noticed that too. Just follow Rand after the endorsement. He starts immediately attacking the foreign policy. Also, as painful as it is, before anyone continues to hate on Rand (criticism yes, hate not necessary), you must rewatch the actual Romney endorsement video from the Hannity show. I'm going to paraphrase for you:

Hannity: Why do you support Gov. Romney?
Rand: We have a lot of similarities:

His father ran unsuccessfully for president like mine.
Gov. Romney then went on to support the nominee as did his dad.
We both come from big loving families.
I come from a family of 5 and Romney has 5 kids.
He's had a long and happy marriage. So have my parents.
We have similar love for our families and family values.

Come on guys...this is a BS endorsement! Please reconsider!

Even Hannity IMMEDIATELY has to get Rand back on approved talking points by trying to push the idea that, "there is a HUGE difference between Obama and Romney" in true fashion. He says, I didn't hear you say anything about Obamacare and the big differences between Obama, blah blah blah, we can't survive another four years, so as to continue the fear-mongering.

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