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can't have my own opinion,,,,
wow that really hurt me,,,weasel,,,, that's it???
wow, mature,, shortshit,,,,, you are what give us a bad name

yeah i don't trust rand,,, and you think these kind of comments will further his appeal,,,, sounds like crap rush or hannity would say

please show me the good doc ever bashing someone like this because they may think differently,, have different views

do we get all mad and bothered when we're called kooks,paulbots ,paultards etc it drives me crazy

rand isn't gonna win any friends like this

don't you remember mcconnel hated rand and was all in with trey grayson

weren't we p-ssed about the aqua budda crap from college and how ridiculous it was

do you think this won't show up at a later date in a campaign ad???

do you think sheeple will view ashley judd,,, "oh that beautiful actress,,, i really like her movies" or rand paul in a better light?

why is rand even bothering with this when it's mcConnel's fight and i doubt he has any loyalty to liberty candidates like rand,,, he'd throw rand down the drain tomorrow if he saw fit