Comment: It's not just the Military Spending,

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It's not just the Military Spending,

it's the langage for Military action against Syria, that really 'takes the cake'. Rand, seems to think he can pander a little to all sides and draw all of us behind him for a presidential run, but he's gravely mistaken. The only reason he defeated the establishments primary challenger, is the overwelming support from Ron Paul's supporters, and his actions are driving them away daily. Rand, apparently believes his father's ideology can't win over enough to win, as he mistakenly believes his neocom advisors and the phony media lies. All he would have to do is explain how the Constitution prevents him from voting on bills like this, and educate the ignorant misguided right leaning and probably many left leaning people how this type of legislation is a major contributor to our ever increasing debt and foreign intaglements. The coming question is, will Ron Paul stick to his lifelong libertarian ideology and begin sttacking Rand's mistaken viewpoints? Rand is playing a losing game, period!